MiWARN Regions

MiWARN is represented by eight geographic regions consistent with the eight districts established by the Michigan State Police Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division and the eight bioterrorism preparedness regions designated by the Michigan Department of Community Health. For additional information on WARN, or information on regional WARN activities, please telephone the regional contact for the region in which your utility is located:


MiWARN RegionRegional Contact/Chair
1 Clyde Dugan (517-377-7535)
2 North Don Grice (248-391-3777)
2 South Tim Faas (734-394-5160)
3 Tim Neumann (989-539-4111)
5 Jim Vandewege (616-355-1698)
6 Joellen Thompson (616-456-4238)
7 Tim Neumann (989-539-4111)
8 Tim Neumann (989-539-4111)